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    Welcome to the Relaxing Condos blog on short term rentals.  This goal of this blog is to show you how to get started into short term rentals.  We cover everything from starting a business, buying & listing your property, to buying multiple properties.  Later, we talk about Relaxing Condos and our qualification, but first let’s dive into the relevant question.

About Relaxing Condos

Relaxing Condos LLC is based out of Ohio.  We currently have one property in Destin, FL.  Does this make us a expert on the subject? Well yes and no.  You will find various information out there on short term rentals.  But, there is very little on vacation rentals.  We have spend hundreds of hours research the various topics in each post and will link some of our favorite resources for you to use.  Finally, the information shared is from someone that has been there and done it.  Here is our Airbnb listing: Relaxing Condos Rental.  


    We welcome everyone’s comments and questions below and on each post.  We will try to answer the questions and point you in the right direction.  Our hope is that this blog can be filled with folks just starting to entrepreneur that have many vacation rentals.  That we can build a community together to share stories, information, insider tips and the like.  
We hope you will enjoy the posts. Please comment and let us know what you think!

— Jake

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